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Organic Farmstay near Mumbai

About Us - Best Farm Stay 

The Organic Farm Stay Near Mumbai And Pune For Stays And One - Day Picnics 


Forganic Farm is the best farmhouse near Mumbai, close by to the little hamlet Ghotavde, a short ride away from Pune. While on your Road Trip here, gaze through dense forests, serene views of little settlements & refreshing farms. We are the best farm stay near Mumbai for one day picnics and overnight stays. We offer rooms that cater to various guests - families, couples, groups and more, you name it! For those who are looking for a day trip near Mumbai, Forganic Farm is great for you as well. 

Forganic Farm is an absolutely unique & stunning staycation destination just 20km away from the famous theme park- Imagica, which makes it everyone’s go-to weekend destination from Mumbai & Pune. It is a well-known property near Imagica. We are also a great farm stay near Mumbai for a one-day picnic, as well as for overnight stays. Our various unique experiences will leave you with a smile, and various fabulous memories. 


What makes Forganic Farm a place worth visiting is its 22 acres of nature-rich land. Surrounded by lush greenery, dense forests & fruit-bearing farms, the couple-friendly farm stay near Mumbai is breathtakingly beautiful. If you’re located in Mumbai and Pune, Forganic Farm will surely relax you to the core! We believe in preserving, cherishing and celebrating, as well as promoting the wellness of our environment. City life may be exciting, but nature will always be unbeatable at our farmhouse for one day trips and picnics. 

Enjoy exploring the forests while you find trees like Sapodilla (Chikoo), Coconut, Mango, and many more at our farm retreat near Mumbai! We give you the opportunity to explore what farming really feels like! Plant little saplings, and trees and receive an abundance to love from the animals on our farm. During the rains, the area is Instagrammable to the hilt, and you would not be able to resist the urge to click hundreds of pictures at our farmhouse near Mumbai for one day picnics. 


What’s best? We would definitely exclaim ‘ The Mornings At Forganic Farm Are To Die For’. Admire the misty shades of stunning nature covering the place with chilly & pure air. The unique and rare-to-find surroundings & environment of Forganic Farm makes it the favourite & perfect farmhouse for School picnic & Corporate Trips. Our farm stay near Mumbai has something to offer everyone! 


To transform your getaway into a thrilling and splendid one we have many activities in store for you at our farm stay near Pune 

Dirt Road Walk, Forest Walk, Stream Trail, Farm Walk, Lake Walk, River Trail, Jungle Trail, Butterfly Trail, Stargazing At Night, Zip Line, Bruma Bridge & Cattle Feeding. Doesn’t this sound like fun? 


Adding to the beauty of our farm near Mumbai, are the raw & alluring accommodation options we offer. Stay in Stone Cottages, Bamboo Cottages, Open Air Tent Houses, and Deluxe Rooms. Each of these rooms at our farmhouse near Pune and Mumbai is strictly cleaned and sanitized for safety purposes.  Each of our rooms is equipped with the best of amenities and designed keeping nature and idyllic experiences in mind. You can also enjoy one-day picnics and day trips at our farmhouse near Mumbai. 


In case you are wondering if we have a pool to dive into, the answer is yes! Go on a hiking adventure at our farm stay near Pune and Mumbai which will lead you to a natural rock pool. Adding to these, the 360 Machan View, natural pond diving ( with life jacket ) and fishing promise to keep you amazed throughout your stay at our farmhouse near Pune and  Mumbai for one day picnics and trips. 

So what are you waiting for? Come to our farm stay near Mumbai to experience a weekend like never before! 

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