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Escape To The Best Camping Ground Near Mumbai This Winter!

The Covid Pandemic and Lockdown have given everyone the blues. Everyone is eager to break free from their homes and have a blast on the weekends! Don't worry, Forganic Farms is there to provide you with the best camping near Mumbai. Forganic Farms is where greenery is your best friend. If this is what you are looking for, then it is the best place to camp near Mumbai. Forganic Farm is quite spacious and there are many ways to enjoy it. Along with a beautiful lake, stream, and lush greenery, Forganic also has various facilities which are perfect for adventure camping near Mumbai. It has a Machhan for you to sit and relax, an Amphitheatre for you to have fun activities with your friends and family, and A stream trail for you to have a nice walk! So don't worry and escape to the best camping ground near Mumbai this winter!

Adventure Activities At Forganic Farm’s Campsite

Archery in the activity room
Lots of Fun Activities for Campers!

Forganic Farms will cater to all your camping needs. Along with the camping experience, Forganic provides you with delicious food, tea – milk and herbs and a space to sit, relax and host parties.

You can camp any day you want to. The best day to do camping in Mumbai is on New Year’s Eve on 31st December. This is the best way to celebrate New Year camping in Mumbai with your friends, family or your significant other. We bet not!

Along with camping, you also have the Machan nearby, where you can party with your friends and family. Along with the Machan, we also have a playing area where you can have various camping activities.

It also has stargazing! This will surely make you want to escape to the best camping ground near Mumbai!

If you are looking for great camping near Mumbai, then Forganic is a place for you! Get away from the lockdown blues and head for Forganic to have the best camping near Mumbai!

Best Camping Near Mumbai For All Age Groups & Travelers Of All Interests

Best Camping Near Mumbai at Forganic
Best Camping Near Mumbai, Only at Forganic!

Many people can come to Forganic for camping near Mumbai. The campsite caters to:

  • Couples who are looking for something which they can enjoy together.

  • Families who want to have a great time.

  • A group of friends who want to have fun.

  • Those who are looking for something adventurous.

  • Those who want a night camping experience.

How To Get There?

A map of Forganic Farms
You will need a map for sure!

The distance between Forganic and the various cities near it are as follows:

Mumbai Suburban – Around 85 Km

Mumbai City – Around 100 Km

Navi Mumbai – Around 65 Km

Thane – Around 87 Km

Best Time To Camp

The best time to camp is November to February.


Starting Price - 2200/ - *(Per Person)

As you can see, Forganic Farms is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai as far as distance is concerned since it's near to the many major cities near Mumbai. Forganic is easily accessible from the road anywhere. You just have to jump inside your car and head straight to fun and adventure for the best camping near Mumbai!

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