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Camping Near Mumbai- Only At Forganic In Khopoli! - For Winters and New Years

Looking for a Safe, Serene, and Fun-Filled Camping Near Mumbai And Pune? Forganic Farm is the spot for you! Located near the famous theme park- Adlabs Imagica, Forganic Farm is a scenic Farmstay and the Best Camping Site Near Mumbai and Pune. Our camping ground in Khopoli has all the amenities you need for a comfortable experience with your families, friends and groups. 

Along with a plethora of activities like Jungle Trails, Butterfly Trails, Fishing, Stargazing, Natural Pond Diving, and much more, the property offers an amazing camping ground. You will enjoy fabulous camping near Mumbai at our farmstay in Khopoli. You will be transported to a new world when you will come to our farm, away from the noise and stress of city life. We are the best destination for camping in Khopoli. 


Our Jungle and River Trails will be a thrilling adventure. Amidst our picturesque settings, we have an open-air amphitheatre, where you can play games, have fun and make new memories! We also have an activity room, where campers can play games, enjoy various activities, and host parties as well. Our camping site near Mumbai has a lot to offer indeed! If you want to head camping in Khopoli, we are the best campsite near Pune for you! We also host new year camping near Mumbai as well. 


The Tent Houses at Forganic Farm offer a mesmerizing view of the dense forests and are surrounded by waterfalls, ponds, and lakes. Campers get to enjoy the amenities like Clean Bedsheets, Pillows, And Safe Tents for their stay. The tents are spacious and comfortable as well.


Winters is the best season for camping in Khopoli since the weather is chilly and pleasant. Talking a midnight walk and early morning walk, amidst the fresh air and serene atmosphere will surely rejuvenate you. Your soul will be replenished when you will feel the chilly air and enjoy the hot barbeques and bonfires! You should especially try new year camping near Mumbai. 


When it comes to food, Forganic Farmstay-in Khopoli offers hygienic meals from our very own restaurant at the property. We prepare meals using fresh and local ingredients, offering various delicacies that will make you feel at home. For the best new year camping near Mumbai and Pune, we are the perfect choice for you! 


Our Camping Ground near Mumbai is a great idea to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or any other occasion in the midst of nature with an offbeat twist! Adventure enthusiasts are welcome here, as our farmstay in Khopoli has a bunch of thrilling activities like Burma Bridge Crossing, Jungle Walks, etc.


Head-Over To Forganic Farm “The Best Camping Ground Near Pune And Mumbai”.


Camping Near Mumbai Tips

  • Always plan for bad weather before camping. If it is the monsoon season, the rain can hamper your stay. Likewise, carry a raincoat and warm clothes with you

  • Check the weather forecast. If the weather is not good for camping, you can always do it next time. We want you to have fun when you are camping near Mumabi with us at Forganic. 

  • Always carry a first aid kit and medicines with you. We always have a first aid kit for you but it is advisable for the campers to come prepared. 

  • Have fun! Camping is all about bringing your friends along, playing games and various activities. If you are a couple, then winter camping is the best way to spend time together. 

  • We have an open amphitheatre just next to the camping site. It is the perfect spot to host activities, play games and also bonding with fellow campers. When you are camping in Khopoli, there should be no compromise in enjoyment!

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