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Explore The Biggest Farmstay Near Mumbai - Forganic Farms

Gone are the days when people used to be excited only about expensive 5-star hotels and resorts. Nowadays, people are flocking towards homestays and farmstays. Farmstays near Mumbai are gaining in popularity because of their affordable costs, proximity to nature as well as a desire for unique experiences. People want to escape from the mundane and boring city life and want to dive into the enriching experience that a farmstay near Mumbai can provide.

If you want to enjoy a farmstay near Mumbai, then you need to explore the biggest farmstay near Mumbai - Forganic Farms. Located in Khopoli, it's an hour-hour and a half drive away from Adlabs Imagica. Forganic Farms has so much inside it that it's impossible to describe the true essence of it in a single blog. However, there is no harm in trying. So we present to you " Explore The Biggest Farmstay Near Mumbai - Forganic Farms''

So Let's Get The Glimpse Of The Biggest Farmstay Near Mumbai!


Forganic Farms - Farmstay near Mumbai
Just sit and Relax! Let us take care of the rest!

Forganic Farms is a Farmstay located in Khopoli. It is the biggest farmstay near Mumbai. The Farmstay is accessible from Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune by road. It is close to the little hamlet of Ghotawade and 27 KM away from the Adlabs Imagica, the iconic theme park near Mumbai. Surrounded by lush greenery, bountiful fields and delicious fruit trees, these 22 acres of goodness will surely get you enchanted. If you are looking for a Farmstay near Mumbai, you shouldn't even be looking everywhere else! Forganic Farms is here to give you the experience you deserve!

The Bountiful And Lush Farm

Forganic Farms - Farmstay Near Mumbai
Forganic Farms will greet you warmly the moment you enter!

The main signature of Forganic Farms is its lush greenery. Its 22 acres of goodness consist of spacious farms, lush green trees, a stream, a miniature waterfall and a lake! Who knew, this all in one package could get this exciting. The farm has rice fields and various fruit trees, which make the farm aesthetically magnificent the moment you enter the property. You will be greeted with greenery.

The farm is so spacious that you will not be able to completely explore the property in a day. Your morning and evening walks will be even more eventful since the farm is a world in itself. The best part is that when you come back from walking and enter your bedroom; you will think about all the unique and interesting things you saw while exploring the farm.

The biggest farmstay near Mumbai will surely make you forget all the hectic and mundane aspects of city life! It is a great place if you want to go to a place that allows you to relax, unwind as well as exercise in the fresh air.

Forganic Farms has so much greenery that there is also a dedicated “Forest Trail '' which you can explore. This can serve as your own little adventure with your friends and family.

The Lake, Stream and The Waterfall.

One of the signature features of Forganic Farms is the lake. The lake is huge and it has a lot of fish too! So if you want to go fishing, even that is covered! There is also a lake view area for you to stand and see the beautiful lake and even fish there.

Another highlight is the “Stream Trail''. The stream is located on the edge of the farm. You can walk alongside the blue stream in the lake. The Stream Trail is a long and rugged trail. This surely gives you the adventure you deserve. The biggest farmstay near Mumbai has to offer lots of adventure after all!

Last but not least, there is also a miniature waterfall at the stream during the Monsoon season. It's safe and accessible from the farm. You don't even need a swimming pool, because the real thing is here.

Machhan And Camping

Another flagship feature of Forganic Farms is the camping area. The open area is spacious enough to host many tents. This area also has a Machhan where you can sit and relax with your friends and family. It also has an activity room nearby which you can use for gatherings and parties. This farmstay near Mumbai will surely give you great memories!

The best thing Forganic Farms can offer is the camping experience, you can camp with your friends and family in spacious tents. You can host a party in the activity area and then retreat to the camp.

Forganic Farms also has an Amphitheatre where you can have various activities with your friends and family.

The Rooms

There are many room options available at Forganic Farms. If you have come with a group of friends and a large family, you can reside in the Dormitory Room.

If you have a small family or are a couple, then you can stop in Deluxe Rooms, Stone Cottage and Bamboo Cottage. All the rooms are spacious and come with all the modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. All the rooms are air-conditioned and have attached bathrooms. This farmstay in Mumbai may not be luxurious, but it's definitely comfortable and will leave you with good memories!


There are many activities at Forganic Farms, the biggest farmstay near Mumbai.

Guests can enjoy the thrills of the Burma Bridge, and even a zipline can be arranged. You can take the Forest Trail, Stream Trail and also soak yourself in the miniature waterfall! Forganic Farms has everything for everyone! You can organise games at the amphitheatre as well!

So what are you waiting for? Book a weekend at Forganic Farms to explore the biggest farmstay near Mumbai.


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