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Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Organic Food Now!

Organic Food is gaining in popularity due to its various benefits.
Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Organic Food Now!

Organic Food is now in fashion! People are now becoming health conscious. Gone are those days when people used to be okay with compromising on their health due to their comfort zone.

Eating organic food has become a trend, due to its various benefits. It is beneficial for us, our communities and our planet.

We at Forganic Farm believe in promoting organic food. We offer the best food made from organic ingredients. There are many reasons why you should eat organic food. We have listed some of the reasons!

1. Chemical Free

Organic farming is chemical free.
Chemicals in modern farming are harming the environment.

Excessive Chemicals in our modern diets have been harmful to our bodies and the environment. This is where organic food is helpful.

Farmers had pesticides to protect their crops from damage caused by pests. However, these pesticides are made of harmful chemicals that are unsafe for your body.

Organic food uses natural ways of repelling insects. Organic pesticides are emerging as alternatives to chemical ones. Some of the popular chemical pesticides are Nicotine, Neem, Rotenone, Sabadilla and Pyrethrins.

2. More Nutritious

Organic food is more nutritious compared to commercial growth food. It has more nutrients - vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other micronutrients. It is due to the soil being nourished and managed sustainably, without the use of excessive chemicals.

Eating organic food benefits your body and mind from better nutrition. A healthy diet is non-negotiable if you want to live a long and healthy life.

3. Avoid Toxins, Antibiotics and Hormones In Food

Meat and dairy are most susceptible to contamination by harmful substances. Meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products have a higher risk of pesticide infection because they are higher up in the food chain.

For example, a bigger fish will eat a smaller fish, who in turn is eaten by an even bigger animal. The toxins of small animals are consumed by animals as they move up the food chain. This leads to the accumulation of harmful substances in the aminals who are higher in the food chain.

Antibiotics, hormones and drugs are directly passed into animals. In animal feed, antibiotics and hormones are used every day. Famers often give sex hormones and growth hormones to increase the amount of meat and milk given by the animal without the need for increasing food intake.

When you eat organic food, you avoid these hormones, drugs and antibiotics that are present in commercially produced food. This is why organic farming and animal husbandry are gaining in popularity.

4. Protects Ecosystems

Organic Farming
Organic Farming is great for our ecosystem.

Removing chemicals and toxins from our farming practices promotes a healthy environment. Organic farming prevents soil quality and nutrition from degrading and preserves the delicate ecosystems that sustain life on earth. Crop rotation, using organic fertilizers, natural pesticides, and other sustainable agricultural practices will rejuvenate our environment.

5. Better Tasting Food

With better-nourished soil and nutrition, organically grown food tastes better compared to commercially grown ones. Organic food prioritized substance over appearance. Non-organic food producers add colour and use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which hamper the taste and nutrition of the food.

6. Reduces Pollution

Since organic farming uses zero chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it is also less polluting. Agricultural chemicals cause soil and water pollution, which destroys our environment, and water supply and contaminate the ground as well.

7. Promotes Agricultural Diversity

agricultural diversity is an essential component of organic farming and food.
Agricultural diversity is essential for the survival and resilience of food supply.

Heavily relying on one crop can be damaging, because if that variant fails, the whole food supply will be hampered. Nowadays, commercial producers are reliant open every few variants of high-yielding crops, making them susceptible to disease and food shortages in case of an outbreak.

Crop Rotation is the best way to prevent mishaps and also replenish the quality of the food. It is a technique used in organic agriculture to remove the need for chemical pesticides and also improve soil quality.

With so many advantages, eating organic food is an obvious choice. However, there is only one disadvantage of organically grown food, which is a major one - its cost. Commercial food is cheaper than organic ones because of the economics of scale, use of high-yielding seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic food wholly depends upon nature, and its various advantages and disadvantages. However, in future, there is hope that large-scale adoption of organic farming will make it slightly cheaper. Healthy food, a clean environment, and sustainability are priceless, and the need of the hour.

Come to Forganic Farm to experience the best organic experience!


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