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Various Trails At Forganic Farm - Best Farmstay Near Mumbai

Various Trails At Forganic Farm - Best Farmstay Near Mumbai
Various Trails At Forganic Farm - Best Farmstay Near Mumbai

For those who want to experience the best farmstay near Mumbai, we are the only solution you need! Forganic Farm is one of the best farmstays for those who want to live in the lap of nature and want to experience the best of modern amenities. The farm is located close to a small village known as Ghotavde and is 20 kilometres from the famous Adlabs Imagica Theme Park.

The 22 acres of the lush farm are filled with greenery, dense forests, paddy fields, vegetable gardens, butterfly gardens and more! The mornings are especially the best, with morning dew and cool weather, especially during the rainy season. Along with it, we also have the Machan with a majestic view, cow sheds, vegetable gardens, a natural pond, a natural stream and more!

Along with the idyllic nature, we offer comfortable accommodations. We offer Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Dorm Rooms, Bamboo Cottage and Stone Cottage. The rooms are spacious, and comfortable and have attached bathrooms. The rooms will make you feel at home. We also have a dining and seating area, an open mini - amphitheatre and an activity room.

One of the highlights of Forganic Farm is the various trails. There are Forest Trail, River Trail, Lake Walk, and Dirt Road Trail. Let us discuss these trails in detail.

Forest Trail

One of the most iconic trails at the best farmstay in Mumbai is the forest trail. On the forest trail, you go through the dense forest which is covered with lush green trees. These trails offer a sense of adventure since you get the experience of navigating a jungle. It is a fun experience which leads to exploring the many exciting and beautiful areas of the farm.

Fun it is, you need to be careful as well. You need to be careful of the snakes, insects and thorns. It is advisable to follow this trail with a group of people. With a group of people, you will feel much safer. It is advisable not to take this trail at night.

River Trail

River Amba flows through our farm. Along the river, a beautiful forest trail is located. The trail is quite adventurous, yet easy. There are many slopes and obstacles to keep you entertained while walking, yet it's comforting to walk on them as well.

At the end of the trail, you will reach the private waterfalls of Forganic Farms. The waterfalls are the main highlights of the farm. The waterfall is present during the monsoons, and immediately after monsoons. It is one of the best trails at the best farmstay in Mumbai.

Lake Walk

Forganic Farm lakeview property.
Our lake is one of the highlights of Forganic Farm

For those who want to have a slightly less adventurous walk, the Lake Walk is the perfect place for you. The path goes towards the lake and around it, giving you a beautiful view of the lake. The Burma Bridge and the stand area for fishing and recreation have also been created. The Lake Walk is perfect for those who want to have a nice morning and evening walk.

Farm And Dirt Road Walk

Forganic Farm is one of the best farmstay in Mumbai.
Our Dirt Road will make your staycation an adventure.

Forganic Farms is one of the best places to walk around, the paths are made up of either stone or dirt. The paths are interconnected and with these, you can explore the entire farm. There is also a staircase that connects the upper elevation with the lower elevation, giving you easy access to the different parts of the farm.

The Machan, Camping Site, the Stone Cottages, Bamboo Cottages, and Main Sitting Area and Rooms etc are interconnected seamlessly with these roads. The paths are perfect for morning walks and evening walks. Especially during the monsoons and winters, the weather is pleasant enough to walk for hours.

With so many beautiful paths to walk on, Forganic Farm is surely the contender for the title, “Best Farmstay Near Mumbai”. Your next weekend with us will surely be memorable. What are you waiting for? Book your next weekend with us now!

Trails At Forganic Farm - FAQs

Where is Forganic Farm located?

Forganic Farm, the best farmstay near Mumbai, is located near Khopoli. It is 20 kilometres ahead of Adlabs Imagica, the famous theme park near Mumba, on the same route. It is located on the Jambulpada Mankhore Road, Beyond the village of Karchunde. The farm is located near Ghotavde Village.

Why Forganic Farm is the best farmstay near Mumbai?

Forganic Farm is the best farmstay near Mumbai because it offers modern amenities in a naturalistic setting. It has a lake, a river, private waterfalls, lush greenery, paddy fields, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and more!

What are the dining options at Forganic Farm?

Forganic Farm offers both veg and non-veg food, with local ingredients. Indian, Maharashtrian, as well as Chinese cuisine, is prepared. The food is prepared our In - house kitchen with top-quality food guaranteed.

Which Accommodations are available at Forganic Farm?

We are considered to be the best farmstay near Mumbai due to the various accommodation options. We have Standard Rooms and Deluxe Rooms. Bamboo Cottage, Stone Cottage, Dorm Rooms and tent stays! Our rooms are spacious and comfortable with attached bathrooms and air conditioning. Our property has Wifi as well.


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