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How To Enjoy The Best Farmstay Near Mumbai During Upcoming Monsoon

Best farmstay near Mumbai
How To Enjoy The Best Farmstay Near Mumbai During Upcoming Monsoon

Farmstays have now emerged as a popular destination for weekend getaways, especially for those who live in Mumbai, Pune and other nearby cities. Farmstays have many advantages, such as open space, idyllic setting, closer to nature, and the perfect place to stay away from city life. There are many farmstays near Mumbai and Pune that offer many modern amenities in the midst of pure nature.

During the monsoons, farmstays become even more serene, with cold weather, refreshing rains and lush greenery. During the weekends, people flock to farmstays near Mumbai to experience the best of monsoons.

Forganic Farm - The Best Farmstay Near Mumbai For Monsoons

Forganic Farm is located near Adlabs Imagica, near Mumbai
Forganic Farm - The Best Farmstay Near Mumbai For Monsoons

The best farmstay near Mumbai is Forganic Farm. It is located near Khopoli and is around 20 kilometres from Adlabs Imagica, the famous amusement park near Mumbai. The 22 acres of the property are filled with water bodies, lush greenery, a lake, a stream, paddy fields, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and so on. There is a butterfly garden and a private waterfall as well.

Forganic has several types of accommodations, that are not only spacious but also have all the amenities as well. There are Deluxe Rooms, Dorm Rooms, Stone Cottage, Bamboo Cottage, and even Tent Stays. The rooms are accessible to all the beautiful attractions on the farm.

The Property is at its best during the monsoons - especially with its lush greenery, refreshing raindrops and chilly air. Once you wake up in the morning, you will enjoy the refreshing morning dew and chilly air. In fact, the weather will remain pleasant the entire day during the rainy seasons.

Things You Can Do At Forganic Farm During The Rains

You can do many things at Forganic Farm during the monsoon season. A spacious property like ours provides you will ample space to make the most out of the rainy season. This is what distinguishes the best farmstay near Mumbai from the best of the properties.

Take A Splash At Our Private Waterfall

A farmstay near Mumbai with a private waterfall? That’s right! We have a river flowing across the farm. During the monsoon season, a designated area is converted into a private waterfall.

The waterfall has been designed in such a way that it provides an authentic experience. It is the perfect place for your group of friends and family to sit and relax. The refreshing waters will surely make your monsoon getaway even better!

Enjoy The Lake

A vast lake in a farm.
Our lake will make all your stress go away!

We have a spacious lake at the farm, which has many fishes on it. Along with it, we also have a Burma bridge. It is not safe to try the Burma bridge during monsoons, but you can surely walk and sit around the lake. You will surely enjoy the great view the lake offers.

Sit And Relax At The Machan

The Machan.
Enjoy the view from the Machan while the rain pours.

One of the highlights of the property is the Machan. It is a two-storied sitting area from where you can relax and enjoy the view of the Farm. The Machan has spacious sitting areas on both floors. It is the perfect place to host gatherings and parties as well. During the monsoon season, sitting at the Machan is even more beautiful.

Take A Stroll Around The Farm

Forganic Farm
So spacious that you will never feel bored exploring

An underrated thing to do at Forganic Farm is taking a stroll around the property. Forganic Farm is 22 acres, meaning that there is ample space. The property is filled with lush greenery, vegetable and fruit trees, water bodies and a butterfly garden.

During the monsoon season, you will especially have a great time when you explore the property. The property is so vast that it will take at least 1 - 2 days to cover it.

Trails At Forganic Farm

If you want to be a little adventurous, there are many trails at the farm too! We have the river trail, the one which is located next to the stream. The trail is full of ups and downs, with the trail being gentle.

We also have a forest trail, which is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs. It gives the feeling of being in a forest. However, during the monsoon seasons, one needs to be careful of the snakes and insects on the trails.

Relax At Our Sitting Area

Seating Area in Forganic Farm, near Khopoli.
Enjoy the view of the farm at our Seating Area

One of the best things to do during monsoons is to relax in the sitting area, outside the rooms. They offer a great view of the property and are made in a rustic fashion. Sip on tea and enjoy your snacks while you see the rain pouring down and experience the chilly breeze. It also acts as a dining area where you can enjoy your food.

With so many things to do at Forganic Farm, you will surely have a great monsoon getaway. We are the best farmstay near Mumbai, and you will agree when you will come here on your next weekend!


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