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Forganic Farm: Best Corporate Outing Near Mumbai And Pune

A spacious farmstay for corporate outings near Mumbai and Pune.
Forganic Farm: Best Corporate Outing Near Mumbai And Pune

You are a manager and you live in Mumbai and Pune or nearby cities. You want to take your team somewhere unique your their next corporate outing. There are many options available however none of them meets your needs. You want your team to experience calm, serenity and peace after working hard the whole year. At the same time, you want also want a place that allows you to conduct many activities as well. This is where Forganic Farm comes, the best corporate outing near Mumbai and Pune.

The Best Farmstay For Corporate Outings Near Mumbai And Pune

A spacious farm in Mumbai And Pune with camping.
The Best Farmstay For Corporate Outings Near Mumbai And Pune

If you want the corporate team to experience corporate outings near Mumbai And Pune amid nature, then Forganic Farm is the place for you. Spread over 22 acres of lush greenery and natural beauty, the property is only 18 Kilometres away from Adlabs Imagica - the best amusement park in India. The property is located in Khopoli, meaning that it is easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and other nearby cities.

Forganic Farm is filled with dense trees, water bodies, flora and fauna, fields and many more. For those who are looking for a perfect farm experience, this is the perfect place for you! There are many varieties of trees such as chikoo, coconut and mango. The farm is best especially best during monsoons, where you see nature at its finest.

The property has a lake, a mini waterfall and a Machan, where you can sit and relax. There is also an activity room from where you can play games and activities. Is there anything more? You might ask. We have a mini-amphitheatre from where you can have fun with your friends and family.

A person sitting at an open amphitheater
Sit, relax and enjoy the show!

The mornings are especially the best for those who are looking for a rejuvenating corporate outing near Mumbai and Pune. The cool atmosphere and the dew will make morning walks and stroll even better. There are many activities you can do at Forganic, which includes Dirt Road Walk, Butterfly Garden, Fields Exploration, Waterfalls, Lake, Stream Trail, Jungle Walk and much more!

The accommodations are spacious and come with all the amenities you need. There are Deluxe Rooms, Stone Cottages, Bamboo Cottage, Dorm Rooms And Tents Available. The rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathrooms.

Spacious room with a bunkbed and queen sized bed.
Our Rooms will make you feel at home.

Activities For Corporate Outings

If you want a corporate outing near Mumbai and Pune, where you can conduct many activities, then Forganic Farms is the best place for you. There are many activities you can do at Forganic Farm.

Conduct Games And Activities At The Sitting Area

A sitting area at a farmstay near Mumbai and Pune.
In our sitting area, the possibilities are endless.

We have a vast sitting area outside the Deluxe Rooms, Dorms Rooms and the dining area that overlooks the lush fields and the lake. Corporate teams can conduct many activities in the area. Quizzes, break-the-ice, board games, team building games - the possibilities are endless. The team can also sit and relax as well.

A Relaxing Walk On The Stream Trail

Corporate trips are not only about fun and games, it's also about relaxation as well. Many companies are looking for corporate outings near Mumbai And Pune that offer relaxation and rejuvenation for their employees. The stream trail is the best way to enjoy the serene and calm nature of Forganic Farm. The walk is dynamic with many slopes, yet pleasant. The best part is that you walk along the stream!

The Machan - The Best View Of Forganic Farm

An area where the team can relax during corporate outing.
The perfect place for your team to relax!

The Machan is located a few minutes away from the sitting area as you walk on the main trail. If you want a great view of the farm, the Machan is the place to be. The team can climb up and enjoy the phenomenal ambience and view. You can also conduct activities there to help the team relax. The farm stay near Pune and Mumbai has a lot to offer!

Adventurous Jungle Trail

Want to give your team a sense of adventure? The jungle trail is here! The jungle trail is dense and full of surprises! The path surrounded by dense forest will lead to a different area of the farm. People need to care though, there are snakes and insects.

Fishing At The Lake

A spacious lake at a farm.
Enjoy the view of our spacious lake!

Corporate teams can also try fishing at the lake. It can be of the best corporate activities since employees can learn patience as well as discover the wonders of aqua life! Your team will have great memories to cherish!

Fun Games And Sports

Forganic Farm has plenty of space, which is great for sporty activities. Tug fights, unique races, ball games etc., are some of the activities you can enjoy at our farm. Being in the lap of bountiful nature is a wonderful thing indeed!

Treasure Hunt - The Possibilities Are Endless

A waste area like forganic farms is perfect for treasure hunts. It’s time to make the teamwork hard, guess and have fun! Our spacious property is at its best when it is used the most. You can put hints around and let the team do the rest.

Our Mini Waterfall - Small Is Beautiful

You may have been inside a waterfall but have you need in a mini waterfall? If not, then don’t worry! Forganic Farm has a mini waterfall that flows to the Amba River. The team can sit and relax at the waterfall and make memories. Corporate outings are about relaxation too!

Tent Stay - Our Speciality

Camping organized at a farm for corporates.
The best gift you can give your team is a tent stay!

Last but not the least, we have tent stays. Our tents are spacious and comfortable. You can experience a campfire and various other activities. Tent stay will give your team a unique experience and teach them how to adjust and make the most out of the tents.

With Forganic Farm, the corporate outings near Mumbai and Pune have only gotten better! If you are a manager, don’t look elsewhere, we are here for you!


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