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Want To Do Camping Near Pune At Forganic? Here Are Some Tips To Follow!

Camping near Pune.
Want To Do Camping Near Pune At Forganic? Here Are Some Tips To Follow!

Camping is among the many experiences that people crave. Camping involves stepping out of the comfort zone, staying in a tent around a natural setting, and enjoying an intimate relationship with nature. Camping opens up a whole lot of opportunities as well - such as stronger bonds with friends, bonfire, music, dance and unique experiences and memories. Camping is gaining popularity in India as well. Now there are many sites where you can go camping near Pune.

One place where you should go camping is Forganic Farms. It's 22 acres of Farmstay in Khopoli near Pune filled with lush greenery, fruit trees, fields, water bodies and natural wonders. The vast size and the diversity of the property make it a perfect place to set up a camp. However, if you make the most out of your camping near Pune, you will need to follow some camping tips to ensure safety, comfort and a great experience.

We have listed down some camping tips to follow to ensure that you enjoy camping near Pune.

Tips To Follow For Camping Near Pune

Tips for safe camping.
Follow these tips for a safe camping experience

Always Plan For The Weather

Like it or not, camping depends upon the weather. Around Mumbai and Pune, the best time to go camping is during the winter season. The summer season is too hot for anyone to be comfortable and the monsoon season can make establishing a camp difficult with constant, unpredictable rainfall. Checking the weather before one goes camping is one of the most important tips one should follow.

One needs to carry many items with them such as warm clothes, rainwear, comfortable clothes, and sun protection. With these, you will have great camping near Pune.

Plan Your Camping Ahead

Camping requires a lot of equipment, such as a tent set up, stove, food items, clothes, protection gear, first aid kit, utensils etc. It also requires a selection of camping spots and the perfect time to go camping. One also needs to decide how many people will accompany them and coordinate with the other fellow campers regarding the various aspects of camping.

There are some locations which have amenities arranged for campers, such as restrooms, levelled camping sites, and other amenities. While some locations are in the wilderness and you will require more equipment and skill to camp effectively.

With so many things, it's always better to plan ahead, even a month in advance, before one goes camping. This will ensure that the camping trip near Pune will go smoothly.

Prepare Delicious Meals In Advance

Just because a camper does not have access to a large kitchen on the camping site, it doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy delicious food. At a campsite, all you can do is heat things up on a fire or stove and don’t have the scope for cooking elaborate meals. That’s why it is always better to cook the meals in advance and keep them sealed in airtight containers and boxes.

With these, you will be able to open it up and heat them quickly. There are many quick and easy recipes one can cook when you go camping,

If you want, you can also cook simple dishes on the site itself, such as soups, grilled sandwiches and instant noodles. There are many camping sites near Pune that offer snacks and meals to campers.

Use Good Quality Tents

Saving money is great but having a great camping experience is even better. That's why one should not hesitate in spending extra on high-quality waterproof tents that can withstand the monsoons. There are many ways by which you can waterproof your tent. An effective way to do so is by spraying silicone sealant from top to bottom, including the zippers.

Play It Safe

Camping is not like a resort holiday, it is for those who want to experiment with risks. However, if you want to go camping, you need to also take care of your safety. Here are some of the ways by which one can ensure their safety while camping:

  • Carry a sunscreen to ensure protection against the sun

  • Carry mosquito repellant cream and ensure that you apply it to all the exposed areas

  • Use fire and cooking equipment safely to prevent fire

  • Don’t forget to carry your first aid kit

Be Careful Of Animals

Depending on the campsite, you have the chance of facing wild animals, mostly insects and snakes. If you choose to go to an established camping site near Pune, the risk is minimized to a great degree. However, if one chooses to be more adventurous and go to remote regions, the risk is higher. Hence, one needs to be careful of wild animals and ensure that they venture into safer areas.

If You Are Beginner, Go To An Established Campsite

Here are beginner campers and there are established campers. However, if you are a beginner, you need to choose a safer spot if you are camping near Pune. There are many places near Pune where you can set up camp at sites which have amenities, and establishments to ensure that you have a great camping experience - such as Pawna Lake, Bhandardara Lake and Forganic Farms. With these many options, you can also have a safe camping experience before you can advance into a more adventurous form of camping.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and it's especially true as far as camping is concerned. A good camper needs to be in harmony with nature, and that involves respecting nature, and ensuring that the campsite is clean after one uses it. A clean camping site will be good for the host as well as the next set of campers.

Forganic Farm: Best Camping Near Pune

Forganic Farm Camping
Forganic Farm: Best Camping Near Pune!

With these tips, you will enjoy fantastic camping near Pune and also make great memories! If you want a great camping site, then Forganic Farms is the place for you! We have a spacious property filled with water bodies, lakes, streams, lush greenery, trees etc. We have modern amenities and an activity room near the campsite that will make your experience fabulous.

Along with it, we also have a Machan, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the entire area. We also offer delicious homecooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Book your next weekend with us now!


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