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Want To Experience Fishing Near Pune? Here Are Some Mistakes To Avoid!

A lake for fishing near Pune.
Want To Experience FIshing Near Pune? Here Are Some Mistakes To Avoid

Forganic Farm has everything to offer - lush greenery, streams, water bodies, space, fields, Machan, camping experience etc. One of our main highlights is our lake. The vastness and pristine waters of the lake will make you feel at home. It's one of the most picturesque sites at Forganic Farm. It is quite near to the Room corridors and sitting area, and can easily have a walk around the area.

One of the best things about our lake is that there are fish in it! There are various types of fish swimming inside the lake which you can catch and make your experience at Forganic Farm even more memorable. Forganic Farm is one of the best places to do fishing near Pune.

However, before you take out your fishing rod and bait out of your bag, we suggest that you understand the various mistakes you need to avoid while you are having one of the best fishing experiences near Pune.

1. Ignoring The Weather

One should always check the weather before going out fishing. You need to keep track of changes in wind direction and any sudden temperature drops. Dawn and dusk are the best time to fish since the waters are not too warm and fishes can swim in shallow waters. On sunny days, the fish usually go into deeper waters.

If you want to do fishing near Pune, you need to keep a track of the seasons too. During monsoons, there is high pressure on the earth’s surface, so fishes will go into deeper waters during that time. That’s why one should fish during clearer skies since it denotes low pressure and fishes are more active in shallower waters in that weather condition.

2. Using Worn Out Fishing Line

Nothing can ruin your fishing compared to a worn-out fishing line. Check in case your fishing line is worn out, torn, or appears frayed. If you are in doubt, it's always better to change it.

3. Using Dull Or Rusty Hook

Your hook is the most important part of your fishing rod because it is the part that ultimately catches the fish. You need to ensure that the hook is not dull or rusty. Not only will it be difficult to hook a fish with a worn-out hook, but there is also a chance of your hook breaking off while fishing.

Keep on replacing the hooks and discard those which have exhausted their capacity. You can sharpen the fishing hooks as well.

4. Making Use Of Hooks That Are Of Incorrect Size

Using hooks of the wrong size is one of the common issues while fishing. A mismatch between the size of the hook and the size of the bait will cause the bait to not sit properly on the hook. The bait can fall off the hook too.

That's why it's important to understand the size of the fish before you choose the size of the bait. After choosing the size of the bait, one can choose the size of the hook.

5. Ignoring Safety Gear While Fishing

It depends on where you are fishing. If you are fishing at a lake, then you need to take care of basic first aid and kit. However, if you are fishing in deep waters and riskier areas, you need to be even more well equipped as far as safety gear is concerned.

Before you go fishing, you should check your PFDs to ensure that there are no tears, rips or broken straps. The first aid kit needs to be properly stocked, and any sound-making device you carry should work properly. You should carry fire extinguishers and visual distress signals for safety in case things go out of hand.

Maintain the gear and store your inventory for maximum safety. Be careful with hooks and store them properly to avoid any injury.

6. Not Setting Your Drags Properly

The drags are the fiction plates in the reel that lets you control the amount of line that comes out from the fishing rod after pressure has been exerted on it.

If the pulling force of the fish is strong enough, the friction causes the reel to go back and the line comes out. You can then catch the fish without breaking the line. Utilise a spring scale and a digital scale to ensure that the drags are set properly in the reels.

The drag should be set to 25% of the breaking strength of the line one is using.

7. Using Improper Material To Handle The Fish

If you intend to return the fish into the water, you need to handle the fish with proper care. You need to ensure that the fish's protective slime coat is not damaged. Otherwise, the fish will be open to diseases and infections.

Don't handle fish with a towel or any other material other than bare hands or a rubberized landing net. If you intend to use the fish for consumption, store it in a hygienic container to ensure that its shelf life of fish remains. Use ice to store the fish.

8. Not Fishing In The Right Depth

Fishes will be in shallower waters or deeper waters depending on the temperature and the time of the day. Fishes will stay deeper during hot summers and will come up to shallower waters during cooler weather. Keep this in mind while fishing.

If you want to go fishing near Pune, then you will need to plan how deep you will fish accordingly based on the weather.

9. Talking Loudly Or Playing Loud Music

You need to have full concentration while fishing. For that, you need to be quiet. You need to pay attention to the flies and insect noises around you to understand where the fish will come from. Getting distracted and absent-minded will ruin your fishing experience.

If you talk loudly and play loud music, you will distract the other fishermen as well as scare the fish away from the bait, ruining your fishing experience at Forganic Farms.

To sum it up, those who want to go fishing near Pune have a great option of visiting Forganic Farm at Khopoli. It is the perfect weekend destination for your friends, family and even couples. Come to us and enjoy the perfect farmstay experience!


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